Course Dates by Location

General Information

Company owners, supervisors, workers, etc.  are responsible for knowing, understanding, and ensuring compliance with all occupational health & safety legislation that affects their particular workplace or project.

Additionally, employers are required under section 25(2)(a) of the OHSA to “provide information, instruction and supervision to protect the health and safety of the worker”.  This includes both general and site specific training.

Unscheduled Training

Where required and requested, OIFSC schedules training programs across the province to serve the needs of the IUPAT membership.  To inquire about courses not listed in the calendars, please call the Toronto Training Centre.

Contractor-Specific Events

Contractors requiring training for 10 or more employees may contact OIFSC’s Toronto office to arrange for training.  Training may be conducted at the contractor’s site dependent on suitability of the training space and availability of equipment.

Course Registration

All course participants must be pre-registered.  To register for a course listed in the Calendars, please call the numbers shown on the top left of the corresponding calendar page.

If the course you are interested in is not scheduled for the Toronto, Ancaster, or Ottawa locations please call the Toronto office at 1-800-943-6210 to inquire about availability or put your name on a waiting list.

Members from Locals 1671, 1904, 1494, and 1590 should contact their local business representative to inquire about local training events.

Cancellation Policy and Penalty Fee

OIFSC’s training schedule is subject to change.  Courses may be “rescheduled or cancelled if minimum participant numbers are not met.  Please ensure you call OIFSC to register a minimum of 2 days prior to the course start date.  Registered participants will be notified of course cancellations by phone.

Participants who have registered but are unable to attend a course must call OIFSC to cancel their registration a minimum of 2 business days prior to the course start date.  Participants who fail to provide proper notice or do not attend a training session for which they are registered will be required to pay a $50.00 Cancellation Fee for a 1 day session, and $100.00 for a multiple day session prior to registering for further courses at OIFSC.  Participants who owe a Cancellation Fee and attend subsequent training will not be issued a certificate until the fee is paid.


Pre-Requisite requirements and policies are subject to change.  Participants are encouraged to verify such requirements before attending training.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Some courses require participants to bring their own PPE (e.g. respirator, safety shoes, harness, hard hat, etc.).  Pleas check course requirement before attending a training session.  If you do not have your PPE you may not be able to participate in the course and consequently may not receive your certification.

Course Duration

Factors such as fewer participants may result in shorter course running time, however, participants should plan to be in class for the maximum duration of the course.  IN some cases where there is a hands-on component participants may be scheduled by appointment to complete this portion of the program (Forklift, Spyder Crane, Suspended Access, etc.).