Painter Level 1

240 hours (70% in class theory and 30% hands on training)

Topics that will be covered:


Workplace Health & Safety

  • Identify legislation related to the trade
  • Explain the role of training in the trade
  • Describe procedures to follow to ensure proper ventilation for a workplace
  • Select and use respirators
  • Explain and identify personal protective equipment and apparel in accordance with the OHSA
  • Practice good housekeeping in the workplace
  • Explain the dangers associated with designated substances
  • Follow procedures to protect self and others when using ladders, scaffolds and powered elevating work platforms
  • Use fall protection devices

Trade Calculations & Sciences

  • Perform basic arithmetical operations
  • Solve trade related problems using tools suited to the task
  • Describe physical properties of substances and materials used in the painter decorator trade
  • Use a computer to perform common tasks

Tools and Equipment

  • Use and maintain hand tools in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions
  • Explain the use and maintenance of brushes, rollers and other types of applicators
  • Explain the use and maintenance of construction hand tools and materials
  • Explain the use and maintenance of wall covering tools and equipment

Surface Preparation

  • Access and repair substrates for coating application
  • Describe how to prepare glass and tile surfaces in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions
  • Prepare substrate by patching defects
  • Prepare surfaces for the application of wall coverings

Coating Applications

  • Describe basic paint technology and the applications of a variety of media and materials
  • Prepare a job by protecting items not to be painted
  • Apply paint by brush on walls, ceilings, window frames, door frames, and hard to access places
  • Apply paint by roller
  • Maintain brushes in an effective condition
  • Apply basic decorative finishes

Wall Covering

  • Describe the applications for commercial vinyl wall covering
  • Apply commercial vinyl wall covering on straight walls
  • Cut and trim commercial vinyl wall covering